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ergoAGENT table frame – make your kitchen dynamic

With our height adjustable table frames, kitchens will fulfil their purpose more effectively, more elegantly and above all, more conveniently in the future. The chance of a worktop fixed at one height being perfect for more than one user is extremely small. And then again, one person will want to do different things, such as chopping, kneading or eating, at different heights. The only logical answer is to adapt the height to the user - quickly, easily and at the push of a button. Height adjustable table legs will change and define the near future of kitchens. Regardless of whether it is going to be used as a dining table, standing height table, a height-adjustable work surface or practical area for children to play, the ergoAGENT table frame makes almost anything possible.

Height adjustable table legs provide a huge amount of leg room - say goodbye to those annoying table legs! Ingenious technology which is simple to operate! The practical handle moves the table into the required position. Ideal for the correct ergonomic working height, for sitting comfortably or relaxed standing and working.

ergoAGENT mono

Small table, big freedom!

The ergoAGENT mono is the simple, space-saving possibility of integrating islands or dining and work tables even into small kitchens. It ensures that lots of different activities can be carried out in turn on a minimum footprint, always at the optimum individually adjusted working height. The pneumatic central column is the key component of the impressive ergoAGENT, providing lots of extra leg room too. The wall fixing ensures it stands firmly in place.

Simple adjustment

It is simple to adjust. Pull on the handle to allow the ergoAGENT mono to slide into the required position. This infinite adjustment means the ideal ergonomic working height for any activity and any family member is reached in seconds - for comfortable sitting or relaxed standing and working.

Technical details

Tischplatte: < 1200 x 800 mm
Hub: bis 460 mm
Teleskopierbare Wandstrebe: 575 - 875 mm
Tragkraft: max. 40 kg (inkl. Tischplatte)
Höhenverstellung: 655 - 1115 mm (stufenlos, zzgl. Tischplatte)


Make yourself comfortable!

More and more people are using the kitchen as the vibrant centre of their home. Prepping, cooking and eating but also working, reading, playing and more, which poses new challenges in terms of flexibility and ergonomics.

Advantages of the ergoAGENT twin

The ergoAGENT twin is a height-adjustable table frame, which was developed specifically for kitchens and makes tables and worktops infinitely height-adjustable with just one movement of the hand. The dining table, which has been integrated into the kitchen architecture, becomes a comfortable standing height work surface - and vice versa. Technology, which not only significantly increases the convenience of the furniture but also its versatility. Every user can adjust it to their ideal working height. No compromises, just uncompromising flexibility. 

Technical details

for tabletops max. 1800 x 800 mm (not included) max. static load 80 kg (incl. tabletop) max. dynamic lifting force 25–35 kg (incl. tabletop) infinitely height-adjustable from 655–1155 mm (plus tabletop)

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