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The LINERO family – well thought-out, right down to the tiniest detail

The kitchen is and remains one thing above all: a workplace. Small details make it perfect - in form and function! Order and clarity make the daily routine a pleasure. In the kitchen (or also in the bathroom), efficiency is required, hand movements are repeated again and again. With the LINERO MosaiQ, LINERO pure and LINERO style niche systems of the LINERO family, everything is exactly where it makes sense.

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Unlimited possibilities in a niche

This multi-option splashback system is based on an aluminium profile strip attached to the wall. The different universal racks are simply attached above or below the rail, exactly where you want them to be, and they can be easily reconfigured.

LINERO MosaiQ – refined, versatile and elegant

The multifunctional profile made of anodized aluminum can be screwed as well as glued and can thus also be mounted on glass rear walls. The MosaiQ modules are hooked or plugged into the kitchen railing. They are available in three heights, accentuated by horizontal decorative elements. The matt, non-slip paint finish has been coordinated in three colors (graphite black, deep black and titanium gray), and there is also a choice of shelves made of wood or glass. Used as a light strip, LINERO MosaiQ emits indirect illumination onto its components. Capuccino cup, sugar shaker (or aftershave and toothbrush) - they can all be placed just as effortlessly and at the same time aesthetically, as well as the tablet PC and all the other things that you like to have right at hand. LINERO MosaiQ gives everyday things a place of honor.

LINERO pure – entry-level niche system

The LINERO pure niche system impresses with its simplicity. With its minimalist shape and the smaller size of the profile than LINERO MosaiQ, the LINERO pure railing system is a trendy and affordable entry into niche furnishing - especially for small kitchens. The two-piece aluminum profile can be easily mounted on the wall. Three different sets are offered as ideal basic equipment for the niche area in the kitchen.

LINERO style - a classic for many years

Before cooking becomes an art, it is first a craft. Rely on professional and practical tools of the trade! An optimal series of cooking utensils convinces through the optimal combination of form and function, quality and design. This thought serves Kesseböhmer as a basis for the development of the edition LINERO style. The edition offers everything that makes a kitchen a top kitchen.

Design variants LINERO MosaiQ

Jet black

Graphite black

Titanium Grey

Profile: jet black, stainless steel look

Design variants LINERO pure

Jet black

Jet black

Design variants LINERO style

Stainless steel look

Stainless steel look

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