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Kesseböhmer creates order with Sally's Welt 

In Sally's World it's all about cooking, baking and of course tidiness, just like in ours, so we couldn't have asked for a better partner. Together we will show how to best organize your kitchen.

I love tidiness!

"My kitchen is my workplace and I store all the equipment I need for preparation in the large drawers in my cooking island.
As a true tidiness fanatic, I have already tried out the most diverse drawer layouts, but they have all failed at one challenge: the uneven shapes and dimensions of my pots, lids and bowls, which a rigid system cannot store without tipping. I am now all the more convinced by SpaceFlexx. In one of my videos, I show how I reorganize my kitchen. Please have a look
at the video here!"

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Pimp my Kitchen

In her new content-format "PIMP MY KITCHEN" , Sally has made it her mission to completely redesign, restructure and reorganize kitchens - in short: to sallyfy them. And since Sally is of the same opinion as we are: "If you have an organized kitchen, you have an organized life", we support her in this endeavor.







More about Sally

Sounds funny, but it's true! The kitchen is my workplace and home - I love to cook and bake here. And that for almost 10 years in front of the camera for you - wow, where has the time gone? By the way, that's exactly how long I've been sharing my recipes with you on YouTube or on my blog. At www.sallyswelt .de you can find more great topics and of course many delicious recipes.

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The LeMans from Kesseböhmer is distinctive in form and functionality. With its organically shaped shelves, the storage space increases by up to 70% compared to a unit with drawers next to the "dead" corner.

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Our DISPENSA apothecary cabinet can be loaded with up to 100 kg. The individually suspended and height-adjustable levels make the DISPENSA a flexible storage unit that offers a lot of storage space in the smallest footprint.

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The Kesseböhmer iMove is an intelligent pull-out system for the wall cabinet. With a light, flowing movement the shelves move out downwards in front of the cabinet. Inaccessible items are thus brought up to the handle height, bringing everything to an easily accessible level.

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The TANDEM transforms a wall unit into a storage cabinet that can hold an entire week's worth of dry goods for a family of four. This is made possible due to the the high load capacity of 60kg in the pull-out frame and 25kg in the door shelf.

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SpaceFlexx is a flexible and width-adjustable storage system for drawers in the kitchen, children's room, bathroom and closet. The storage material - regardless of its shape and size - can be easily inserted between the divisions and intuitively sorted.

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LINERO family

LINERO makes good use of the space on the wall between the worktop and wall cabinet. Kesseböhmer railing systems are chic and multifunctional - in different colors and designs

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