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Our attention has been focused more emphatically than ever before on the symbiosis of fine design, intelligent, mature technology and a wealth of opportunities for individual, customized use of colours and materials.

And because we want to share our enthusiasm for the fine things of life with you, we invite you to enjoy this brochure where we trust you will find new inspiration and discover a wealth of opportunities ready and waiting for you.

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CONVOY Evolution:
Centralised food storage in the kitchen.

CONVOY: The future of food storage, available today.

CONVOY Engineering:
Captivating solutions – the CONVOY product line.

The CONVOY product line: from innovation to star.

CONVOY Lavido:
More than a kitchen solution.

CONVOY Premio: 
Opening it up is an adventure in itself.

CONVOY Centro:

CONVOY Centro & Lavido: Opening.

CONVOY Lavido: Opening.

CONVOY Premio: Opening.