Caravan Equipment: Functional Systems

Practical storage systems for campers and caravans


Functional systems 

Mutli-purpose rack

Organize your working space! 
289 W / 95 D / 103 H


Functional systems

Paper towel holder

There when you need it! 
312 W / 130 D / 110 H

Functional systems

Coffee filter holder

Everything, where it is needed.
165 W / 60 D / 60 H

Functional systems

Hook rack

Functionally and attractive.
280 mm Length

Functional systems

Spice board

Save storage and easy access.
289 W / 57 D / 103 H

Collapsible table: The caravan classic

Medio W: The tilting swivel TV support bracket

The MoCa-Hubmatic puts your mobile home on a sure footing.

Sliding table rail: with hinged support

Sliding table rail with folding support

Medio A: the flat-screen display glides smoothly downwards.

Medio H: Height and tilt adjustment is made possible.

Medio T: The comfortable solution for "invisible" accomodation.

Medio V hanging: The stable runner keeps the screen straight.

Medio V standing: The stable runner keeps the 
screen straight.