Bathroom Furnishings&Equipment: Bathroom Furnishing

Bathroom Furnishing –
More than enough Functional Columns for Bathroom needs.

Decorative and convenient, with everything at hand. Innovative solutions, technical know-how, high-quality materials and careful workmanship accentuate this tidy bathroom system:

  • Rotating bathroom storage – mirror and shelving in one unit
  • Vanity mirror with wall fixing bracket
  • Laundry baskets – tilting, mobile on wheels or as pull-out
  • Pull-out towel rail – 1-arm rail or 2-arm rail.
    with concealed attachment and slide mechanism.
  • 15-cm bathroom pull-out with structured metal bottom panels – 
    Maximizes storage in very narrow cabinets.
  • TANDEM pull-out for bathrooms – The pull-out element and the door unit are linked by a follower. The rear element is pulled forward as the door opens.
Bathroom Furnishing Photos
  • Rotating bathroom storage
  • Rotating bathroom storage
  • 15-cm bathroom pull-out
  • TANDEM pull-out for bathrooms
  • Bathroom carousel pull-out
  • Edge rail for wooden shelves
  • Vanity mirror swivelling incl. wall fixing bracket
  • Laundry basket tilting
  • Laundry basket pull-out
  • Mobile laundry basket
  • Pull-out towel rail 1-arm rail
  • Pull-out towel rail 2-arm rail