Kitchen Furnishings

Tall Cabinets – On the way up.

In today’s kitchens, highboards are planned either as a block or as standalone units. They form an elegant block, and quite often that’s where you’ll find the technology focus and also the central food storage in the kitchen. Oven, steamer and microwave can all be integrated in a highboard block, as can the food storage “mixed double” – the refrigerator and the grocery cupboard.

Food storage is a function of almost every kitchen. So what’s the best way to store food? The ideal and most practical solution is To locate storage units for fresh food and groceries close together. In a mixed double.

People want a modern, central storage solution for groceries, ideally it should be right next to the refrigerator. They want to be able to store all the dry goods for the household in one place and to organise and access the stored goods easily. People also want storage units that are quick and easy to open and shut. 

Summing up: The optimal solution is a synthesis of  functionality and user-friendliness. People want the fridge and the grocery storage unit to be ad­jacent or at least close.