iMove Benefits
  • Effortless operation
  • Everything in easy reach
  • A clearer overview.
  • Fast access
  • High-quality design
  • Elegant movement
  • Smooth, steady action


iMove – The intelligent pull-down system for wall units

iMove sets new standards for wall units. The product combines the beautiful and the practical with one effortless movement. How much intelligence do you want?

There’s easy operation, more reachable storage, a clearer view, fast access. The innovative iMove pull-down transforms a conventional wall unit into an ergonomic storage system with big user benefits. The iMove and its contents are pulled downwards and outwards in one easy movement. And the iMove combines practical benefits with a brilliantly stylish design.

The iMove product family covers all the popular wall unit widths by using only a relatively small number of variants. These are 50, 60, 80 and 90 cm single or 50 and 60 cm double. Our market research supplied data not only on how customers use their wall units, but also how kitchen planners approach these components. Based on this data, we created a lean product range, good for logistics planning, that nonetheless completely meets the demands of the current wall unit market. Most wall units sold are 600 or 900 mm wide. Heights, however, vary quite widely. The iMove family counters this with a high degree of flexibility in installation – and a choice of models (single or double) with either one or two shelves. iMove single covers wall unit heights from 470 mm with no upper limit. iMove double is for wall units from 710 mm high. There’s no problem compensating for carcase differences, for example, different side panel thicknesses. 

iMove Photos