Tall Cabinets: TurnMotion II

All-round, effortless access.

Perfectly turned out!

With TurnMotion II, the fitting revolves effortlessly to move any side round to face you. Each tray turns individually by 360° in either direction so that the contents on all four sides move into clear view and easy reach.

This fitting is an ultra-practical solution for storage space that is above the ergonomically accessible height. It's also perfect for the often under-utilized space above integrated appliances.

Stops on each of the four sides lock the tray temporarily in position so that items can be lifted in or out safely. TurnMotion II trays are height adjustable so that you can position them at the height you need.

Complete set for a fast fix!

TurnMotion II comes ready prepared for fast, zero-error installation.

The TurnMotion II design concept puts the highest priority on quick and easy assembly and effortless, reliable operation.

The mounting strips are simply screwed onto the carcase sides. This can be done either ahead of the carcase press or later on-site while the kitchen is being installed. The trays with the premounted support arms are then hooked securely into the mounting strips. No tools required!

TurnMotion II Photos
TurnMotion II Benefits
  • Full access to all the contents by turning the trays.
  • No need to clear away front items to reach items at the back.
  • Excellent overview of all the contents.
  • Well-organized thanks to a perfect overview.