Tall Cabinets: CONVOY Lavido

CONVOY Lavido will win your heart with its straightforward and open approach.

Extremely flexible and elegant. CONVOY Lavido illustrates just how versatile the CONVOY system can be. Because it is compatible with any front panel, CONVOY Lavido is the ideal storage solution for all kinds of layouts, e.g. even behind sliding doors.

CONVOY Lavido is not just a means of storing products; it ensures they are presented in an attractive and emotionally appealing way. This elegant larder unit is suitable for use in modern kitchens as well as in dining areas or in the workplace, for example. The large number of intelligent details is exactly what you would expect from a product that claims to offer premium technology.

CONVOY Lavido Benefits
  • Storage solution for different front options and applications
  • Can be combined with sliding doors, etc.
  • Access and transparency from three sides

CONVOY Lavido Photos
  • CONVOY Lavido – will win your heart with its straightforward and open approach
  • CONVOY Lavido detail
  • CONVOY Lavido detail
  • CONVOY Lavido shelve adjustment
  • CONVOY Lavido shelve adjustment
  • CONVOY Centro and CONVOY Lavido
  • CONVOY runner
  • CONVOY shelve adjustment with a single movement of the hand.

CONVOY Evolution:
Centralised food storage in the kitchen.

CONVOY: The future of food storage, available today.

CONVOY Engineering:
Captivating solutions – the CONVOY product line.

The CONVOY product line: from innovation to star.

CONVOY Lavido:
More than a kitchen solution.

CONVOY Premio: 
Opening it up is an adventure in itself.

CONVOY Centro:

CONVOY Centro & Lavido: Opening.

CONVOY Lavido: Opening.

CONVOY Premio: Opening.