ergoAGENT Twin Benefits
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Travel: 500 mm
  • Cladding can conceal posts

Tables: ergoAGENT Twin

Make yourself comfortable!
ergoAGENT twin

Technology for more user-friendliness and better ergo­nomics.

For more and more people, the kitchen is the living hub of their homes. Cooking, food preparation and eating, working, reading and playing are just some of the activities that take place in the kitchen. This trend makes new demands on the flexibility and ergonomics of kitchen furnishings and fittings. ergoAGENT Twin is a hydraulic system, engineered especially for the kitchen, which lets users change the height of tables and worktops smoothly and easily. The dining table, integrated in the kitchen architecture, can be transformed into a comfortable standing workplace – and vice versa. The technology not only boosts the comfort and usability of the kitchen table, but also makes it more versatile. Each user can set it to their optimal working height in seconds. Uncompromising flexibility, instead of compromises that are hard on backs.   

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