ergoAGENT Mono Benefits
  • Maximum load 40 kg
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Travel: 450 mm
  • Can be attached to a kitchen unit or to a wall

Tables: ergoAGENT Mono

Upgrade for the worktop!
ergoAGENT Mono

More than just a table. ergoAGENT mono makes it easy to integrate preparation areas, eating areas or workplaces even in small kitchens. 

The fitting makes it possible to use the same tabletop successively for a number of different functions. The whole system has a small footprint
so that it takes up as little space as possible.
The hydraulically-operated centre post is engineered for absolutely reliable operation and designed to leave plenty of leg-room. ergoAGENT mono is connected to a wall so that it stands firmly at any height. Operation is child’s play: simply pulling a lever starts the ergoAGENT mono moving up or down into the chosen position. In a matter of seconds, the table is at the right height for a specific job or to enable a user to work at the optimal height. An ergoAGENT mono makes it easy to adjust tabletop height so that every family member can sit comfortably and work standing or sitting at their ideal height.

ergoAGENT Mono Photos