FineLine MosaiQ: Drawer organizers

Attention to detail

Who would have thought that the inside of drawers and pull-outs could be so tidy, functional and individual. FineLine MosaiQ is fun to plan and work with. Made with a material mix of warmly attractive wood and fine metal, the range creates a contemporary, high-end look and a balanced, visual link to carefully chosen kitchen fronts.

Oh… organization!

Minimalist – elegant with a hint of luxury. Organization meets lifestyle. No mess and confusion; instead elements are positioned neatly side by side. And they’re more flexible to use than ever before – with ample compartments for cutlery and also purpose-designed inserts for spices, coffee capsules and anything else you want to keep close to hand. Beautiful designs in fine wood. With all the contents perfectly organized for a clear overview and easy access.


Flexible dividers

The advantages are obvious – the FineLine MosaiQ organizer elements can be combined and arranged to exactly suit the end-user’s requirements. They can be rearranged in minutes to accommodate changed circumstances. And it’s absolutely easy to add special extra components such as foil roll holders, spice jar inserts and knife blocks.


Vital statistics

The best feature is that these modular and variable elements can be combined in many different ways and fit into both straight and slanted drawer boxes. The system is designed for drawer depths from 500 to 650 mm and fits drawers and pull-outs from all major kitchen manufacturers.


Extra-deep drawers? No problem!

It's easy to create more storage space with a depth extension for drawers 650 mm deep. The solution is simple and effective. The depth extension can be trimmed on site to the desired width. A perfect fit.