Senso Benefits
  • Specifically for high wall units up to 900 mm
  • Multiposition stop system – front panel held securely in any position
  • Finger pinch protection with central safety guard hinge
  • Compact design with minimal installation depth (138 mm) for wide and varied use in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas
  • Use right or left – simplifies logistics and assembly
  • Simple adjustment – of door opening angle and holding force

Lift-up Systems: Senso / E-Senso

Stylish folding lift fitting
for low-ceilinged rooms.

The ideal solution for wall units in low-ceilinged rooms. Senso, is simply smart – it folds up the split front panel on the way up, so as to take up a minimum of space. The integrated multiposition stop system holds the front securely in any intermediate position. With E-Senso, the electronic version, there is the extra convenience of push-button control of the opening and closing movements.

Other attractive features are the minimal installation depth, simple adjustment and the fact that Senso fittings can be used for unit heights as high as 90 cm. Flexible Senso fittings can handle both symmetrical and asymmetrical front panel splits. Kitchen designers and planners set a high value on all these features.

Senso Photos