Maxi up Benefits
  • For chests, bed boxes, toy boxes, laundry bins, and seats with lid depths up to 400 mm
  • For chest lids from 1 to 9.4 kg (mounted one side only)
  • Holding force can be set precisely
  • Multiposition stop – lid held securely in any position
  • Use right or left – simplifies logistics and assembly

Lift-up Systems: Maxi up

Huwilift MAXI UP – lifts and lowers chest lids with a defined, smooth movement.

Chests, beds, laundry boxes or seats:

Huwilift Maxi up is the answer in a huge range of applications where it opens the way for creative new design ideas. 

Huwilift Maxi up is fitted with multiposition stop to hold the front securely at any opening angle. Just one Huwilift Maxi up can handle lids weighing up to 9.4 kg. It’s designed for lid depths up to 400 mm. ClickFixx and SoftStopp Plus come as standard.

Maxi up Photos