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FREEslide – Parallel lifter

Form follows function – and beautifully. FREEslide lifts the front panel vertically, opening up totally new design potential for kitchen planning. FREEslide is the perfect choice when units are stacked on top of each other or for wall units with top lighting or cornices. The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop immediately and securely in any position. This means there’s a lot of user convenience tucked away behind a visually smooth run of fronts, not only in the kitchen, but anywhere in the house.

Features & Benefits
  • For highboards and for appliance cupboards, for example microwave cupboards
  • Precision lift for the front parallel to the front of the carcase
  • Many specialist applications in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas
  • Easier access to contents
  • Multi-Position-STOPP
  • German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015