Elegant and effortless lift sequences

FREElift eTouch – Ease of use is top priority

The entire FREElift family has been upgraded to eTouch electronic opening. It’s one up for user convenience. The striking hallmarks of all Kesseböhmer lifters are easy action, light weight smooth movement and a compact design. eTouch electronic opening and closing support immediately makes life far easier for users. Gently touching the front panel triggers the fluid movement sequence. Even very heavy front panels are lifted – automatically and elegantly – without any further effort by the user. And they are closed again – just as smoothly and effortlessly – by touching the inside sensor switch.

The electric motor replaces the effort normally exerted by the user, but imposes no limitations on manual opening and closing. For example, if there is a power outage, the wall unit can be opened and closed by hand. With the new eTouch for wall units, Kesseböhmer is continuing and expanding its tried and trusted electronic opening system.

Features & Benefits
  • Opens the front automatically with just a light tap
  • Just ONE drive for FREEfold, swing & slide
  • Can be retrofitted without restrictions in line with the familiar typologies
  • Free-running with the familiar FREElift smooth operation
  • No additional treatment of fronts necessary
  • Programmable additional functions
  • Integrated obstacle recognition

Retrofitting without tears

Convenient and compatible

eTouch doesn’t demand purpose-designed lifter fittings, instead it works with tried-and-trusted Kesseböhmer lifters. eTouch is the electronic upgrade for the Kesseböhmer FREElift family. One drive system covers three lifters – FREEfold, FREEswing and FREEslide. Another drive system is used with the FREEflap lifter. Both variants can be retrofitted very easily.

All lifters use the familiar drilling pattern. Lifter and drive system are connected with just two extra screws. The only extra effort is drilling holes for the sensor and the cable. The necessary drilling templates are included with each shipment.