Corner Cabinets: REVO 90

REVO 90 – user-friendly corner unit solution
where front panels turn with the carousel.

Innovative Technology in a classical solution
A newly developed control mechanism enables a controlled flow of motion throughout all phases – from a soft closure of the doors to a lively rotation, through to the automatic closing movement. Thanks to the rotation absorber and „REVOfit“, this becomes an individual experience. With only one hand movement, the closing speed can be adjusted without tools.

Pan tray: A partial intermediate level makes space for pans and tall items in a REVO 90.

Fast, reliable, toolless assembly. The clip-on connection saves time and guarantees perfect functioning. Because it’s always

correctly positioned!

  • ARENA Classic lid holder
  • ARENA Classic deviders

Accessories for ARENA Classic
. A range of accessories boosts the utility and ease-of-use of ARENA fittings. For example, choosing a lid rack, or dividers, helps to optimise use of space and makes for tidy storage and fast access. Giving users extra choice is part of the image of a high-end product.

REVO 90 Photos
REVO 90 Benefits
  • The front panel slides into the cupboard as it opens
  • Stepless tray height changes
    • Optimal use of space – ideal for tall pots and kitchen machines
  • 3. Optional 3rd tray
  • Closing speed can be customised at any time
  • Simplifies planning, assembly and logistics
  • Combines mature technology with innovative details
  • Transparency thanks to rotating trays