LeMans Highboard Benefits
  • Swinging curves – fluid, emotion-laden, harmonious action
  • Kinematics with 4 pivot points
  • Minimal force required for silky-smooth movements
  • All stored contents swing out in front of the unit
  • Easy height changes: The unit adapts to the contents
  • Trays move independently
  • Solid support arms
  • 25 kilo payload
  • Fully functional at 85° door opening angle: Flexible planning options,No risk of handles colliding
  • Multiple interfaces for the assembly process: Easy to integrate in existing production processes

Corner Cabinets: LeMans Highboard

Please let us introduce the
Virtiko for the 21st century.

A most elegant way to keep all your cups in the cabinet.

An invention to inspire inventiveness. LeMans shelves can be arranged in the cabinet at the user’s discretion - two, three or even four on top of each other. This yields so far unheard of possibilities for kitchen design and equipment.

LeMans Highboard Photos