PORTERO Benefits
  • All cleaning agents in a lift-out basket in a pull-out unit
  • Top tray swivels aside
  • Lift-out service station
  • Removable washing-machine-safe plastic trays

Base Cabinets: PORTERO

PORTERO cleaning agent pull-out – with practical carry basket.

Cleaning can be fun.

All cleaning products in one roll-out. The pivoted storage basket provides perfect accessibility. The special feature: an integrated service station, which can be removed with one hand movement and comes in three sizes. And removable plastic bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Ample accessories for every need. A wide selection is available, including roll-outs for sink units, cleaning utensil baskets, dust-pan and hand-brush racks, hand-towel roll-outs, laundry baskets, etc. .

Lockable cleaning agent pull-out: safety first, especially for children!