DISPENSA Junior Benefits
  • Optimal format for specialised uses
  • Specific applications, eg: Wine cabinet, Coffee centre, Dry goods storage
  • Simple, fast assembly and installation
  • Can be retrofitted from above – even in narrow cabinets
  • 3D adjustment in real time: Perfect gap alignment in minutes

Base Cabinet: DISPENSA Junior

DISPENSA Junior – flexible storage in a base unit.

1001 larder ideas: for all widths between 30 and 60 cm, side wall thicknesses between 16 and 19 mm, for any larder height – it’s up to virtually any task! In all cases, it goes without saying that the unit is tailored to suit the interior fittings of the entire ARENA Classic or ARENA Style kitchen.

DISPENSA Junior is the ideal choice for staying abreast of today’s kitchen planning trends,  and offers a previously unprecedented range of functions. A space that was the perfect spot for storing wine yesterday could become an ideal store cupboard area tomorrow. With its easy-to-use height adjustment facility and ability to swap the functional trays around, DISPENSA Junior has been designed to adapt precisely to whatever it is required to be used for, both enhancing its own usefulness and making the most of spaces.

Your very own pull-out larder in the smallest of spaces.

DISPENSA Junior Photos