Base Cabinets: COMFORT II

Smooth action, adaptable, user-friendly: COMFORT II

Ultra-easy ClickFixx connection between frame and runner, simple 3D fine adjustment for the front panel, absolutely smooth action, efficient use of space thanks to height-adjustable trays – that’s the COMFORT II.

The compact 30-cm base unit pull-out lets users fill every centimetre and customise the pull-out to suit their special requirements. The COMFORT II is ideal for storing cooking ingredients; it provides an amazing amount of storage space, plus a clear view of all the contents. The pull-out glides softly and smoothly out in front of the cabinet. Everything needed for a great meal is instantly ready to hand.

Kesseböhmer has added the option of a spice rack to its tried-and-tested COMFORT pull-out. The spice rack is the perfect add-on for the COMFORT concept. The spice rack is made of a single piece of shaped, powder-coated metal. It was designed to be as deep as possible, but still allow a clear view and easy access to vinegars and oils and other items stored in the lower trays. It offers an amazing amount of storage space to take a lot of spice jars.

It’s surprising how much space there is in the pull-out and how flexibly it can be used.

COMFORT II spice rack

Your array of spices at a glance.

Creative cooks produce masterpieces in the kitchen, but cooking is only stress-free if all the ingredients are ready to hand. Inspired and expert use of herbs and spices rounds off a perfect dish. So why not store spice jars close to the hob? in a COMFORT II, they’ll be in clear view and easy to get at, along with the vinegars, oils, mustard, sherry and sauces?

Like the familiar COMFORT trays, the new spice rack is simply dropped into place on the COMFORT frame. Transparent spice boxes are an extra option. They’re supplied in sets of six. Three sets, that’s 18 boxes, fit exactly into the spice rack. An identifying card in the transparent prism on each box lid makes it easy to find any spice quickly.

Alternatively, the spice rack will hold any of the generally available spice jars and containers. So cooks can organise the COMFORT II just as they please.

  • The “small” storage unit
  • Optimal adaptation to user needs thanks to choice of different unit heights
  • Full extension for base units
  • Entire contents slide out in front of the cabinet
  • Optimal overview, very good access
  • Optimal format for specialised uses, eg: Wine cabinet, Coffee centre, Storage unit
  • Space-saving design: Uses the whole width
  • Balancing screw for optimal action
  • 3D adjustment in real time – Perfect gap alignment in minutes