Pick-up-and-go cleaning pull-out: cleaningAGENT

Stuff needed for cleaning is often stored in the kitchen, but it gets used all over the home. Kesseböhmer’s answer is our portable cleaningAGENT. The caddy, complete with the clipped-on containers, lifts right out of the pull-out. It serves as a practical organiser for cleaning materials, so that they’re always ready to hand wherever you’re working. Rubber feet make sure the caddy stands firmly and prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces. This is just one example of the way Kesseböhmer designers have planned cleaning­AGENT down to the last detail. The containers for the different cleaning materials, now in a new sophisticated shade of grey, can be detached and put in the dishwasher. Once the cleaning job is done, the caddy is simply dropped back into the pull-out, which slides back into the base unit with typically smooth action and gently damped closing.

Base Cabinets: cleaningAGENT

The right tool for the job: cleaningAGENT!

All your cleaning stuff when and where you need it. Totally practical, extremely compact and manufactured to the highest standards. For all its light weight and compact design, cleaningAGENT has a lot of practical features and gives you ample space for all your cleaning stuff. The top layer has compartments to organise sponges, brushes and other implements. Pull the whole caddy out with one finger. Close it with a gentle push – thanks to Softstopp, closing is gentle, controlled and noiseless.

Top marks for practicality: Container with ergonomic easy-grip handle. All the plastic containers can be lifted out and washed in the dishwasher – your cleaningAGENT caddy will always be clean and hygienic.

cleaningAGENT Benefits

A cleaningAGENT caddy will soon be as necessary as a fridge. Because it’s almost equally practical – just a lot less expensive and far more compact. It takes a lot of the effort out of daily housework, making sure cleaning materials are kept neat and tidy and that access is quick and easy.

This is a tried and tested technology “Designed in Germany”. It’s made of tough materials – which are resistant to all generally available cleaning agents – and manufactured to high standards. All components can be easily lifted out. They can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. It’s a winner from every point of view!

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