Caravan equipment: PRIMERO

The single column system

Maximum leg room – easy to operate.

The elegantly designed single column leg PRIMERO looks good and provides plenty of space to sit comfortably. A push on the hand button is all that is required to smoothly lower the table on the adjustable height model, which can be secured at any height. The integrated gas spring helps to raise the table.

The base is ergonomically designed. No edges or corners – and no need to drill through the floor. Attachment bolts are hidden by clipable floor strips.

More comfort and ease. Movement of the table top is easily managed, and it can be fixed in any position.



Collapsible table: The caravan classic

TraveLine Twin: All-round appeal.

TraveLine Twin: accessories include a pivotal fitting for the table top

Primero: Maximum leg room – easy to operate. 

Primero: provides plenty of space to sit comfortably.

Primero-S: More comfort and ease. 

Sliding table rail: with hinged support

Sliding table rail with folding support

Medio A: the flat-screen display glides smoothly downwards.

Medio H: Height and tilt adjustment is made possible.

Medio T: The comfortable solution for "invisible" accomodation.

Medio V hanging: The stable runner keeps the screen straight.

Medio V standing: The stable runner keeps the 
screen straight.

Medio W: The tilting swivel TV support bracket

The MoCa-Hubmatic puts your mobile home on a sure footing.