Collapsible table: The caravan classic

TraveLine Twin: All-round appeal.

TraveLine Twin: accessories include a pivotal fitting for the table top

Primero: Maximum leg room – easy to operate. 

Primero: provides plenty of space to sit comfortably.

Primero-S: More comfort and ease. 

Sliding table rail: with hinged support

Sliding table rail with folding support

Medio A: the flat-screen display glides smoothly downwards.

Medio H: Height and tilt adjustment is made possible.

Medio T: The comfortable solution for "invisible" accomodation.

Medio V hanging: The stable runner keeps the screen straight.

Medio V standing: The stable runner keeps the 
screen straight.

Medio W: The tilting swivel TV support bracket

The MoCa-Hubmatic puts your mobile home on a sure footing.